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4QN DS2430AP DS1230Y-120-IND DS1135Z-6/T&R DS1220AD-150-IND DS1233Z-10 DS1722U DS1245Y-120 DS1800E DS1220AB-120-IND DS21348T DS1040M-A32 DS1100LZ-45 DS1007-10 DS1077Z-120 DS1220AD-200 DS1710N DS1230Y-150 DS1867S-100 DS1833-10 DS1005-125 DS1228 DS32KHZ-N/WBGA DS1239S-10 DS12887A D

Dallas dataark Catalog-9

Part NoProdusentApplikasjon
DS1217A/16K-25 DallasNonvolatile read/write cartridge, 2K x 8, 250ns
DS1284QN DallasWatchdog Timekeeper Chip
DS2430AP Dallas256 bit 1-Wire EEPROM
DS1230Y-120-IND Dallas256K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS1135Z-6/T&R Dallas3-in-1 High-Speed Silicon Delay Line
DS1220AD-150-IND Dallas2k x 8 CMOS nonvolatile SRAM, 150ns
DS1233Z-10 Dallas5V EconoReset
DS1722U DallasDigital Thermometer with SPI/3-Wire Interface
DS1245Y-120 Dallas1024K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS1800E DallasDual Inverting Log Gain/Attenuator
DS1220AB-120-IND Dallas2k x 8 CMOS nonvolatile SRAM, 120ns
DS21348T Dallas3.3V E1/T1/J1 line interface
DS1040M-A32 DallasProgrammable One-Shot Pulse Generator
DS1100LZ-45 Dallas3.3V 5-tap economy timing element (delay line), 45ns
DS1007-10 Dallas7-in-1 Silicon Delay Line
DS1077Z-120 DallasEconOscillator/divider, max 120MHz
DS1220AD-200 Dallas16K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS1710N DallasPartitioned NV Controller
DS1230Y-150 Dallas256K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS1867S-100 DallasDual Digital Potentiometer with EEPROM
DS1833-10 Dallas5V EconoReset
DS1005-125 Dallas5-Tap Silicon Delay Line
DS1228 Dallas+5V powered dual RS-232 transmitter/receiver
DS32KHZ-N/WBGA Dallas32.768kHz temperature-compensated crystal oscillator
DS1239S-10 DallasMicroManager Chip
DS12887A DallasReal time clock
DS1220AB-200 Dallas16K Nonvolatile SRAM
DS1035M-60 Dallas3-in-1 High-Speed Silicon Delay Line
DS2490X DallasUSB to 1-Wire Bridge Chip
DS1244YP-70 Dallas256k NV SRAM with phantom clock, 70ns

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