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01EX HCPL-0600 ATF-36163-BLK HPWT-DL00 HCPL-4200#500 PDA2446-D-AP HFBR-5111FDS HLMP-UL14 ATF-13736-STR HSMS-H670 INA-52063-TR1 LST2925-S4-T-DN MGA-86576-TR1 HSMJ-T725 HBCS-A207 HCPL-061N#500 AT-41470 LST2527-B-DN 5962-9685201HYC HMMC-2006 HDMP-1526 LST2827-S4-T-FP HLMP-DL17 MSA-1

HP dataark Catalog-42

Part NoProdusentApplikasjon
HLMP-GL30 HP5mm precision optical performance AlInGaP LED lamp
5962-8767901EX HPHermetically sealed, transistor output optocoupler for analog and digital applications
HCPL-0600 HPHigh CMR, high speed TTL compatible optocoupler
ATF-36163-BLK HP1.5-18GHz surface mount pseudomorphic HEMT
HPWT-DL00 HPSuper flux LED
HCPL-4200#500 HPOptically coupled 20mA current loop receiver
PDA2446-D-AP HPAnalog pigtailed PIN photodiode
HFBR-5111FDS HPLow cost, industry standart FDDI MIC transceiver
HLMP-UL14 HP5mm precision optical performance AlInGaP LED lamp
ATF-13736-STR HP2-16GHz low noise gallium arsenide FET for oscillators
HSMS-H670 HPSurface mount flip chip LED
INA-52063-TR1 HP1.5GHz low noise silicon MMIC amplifier
LST2925-S4-T-DN HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
MGA-86576-TR1 HP1.5-8GHz low noise GaAs MMIC amplifier
HSMJ-T725 HPSurface mount high performance AlInGaP LED indicator
HBCS-A207 HPLow current digital bar code wand
HCPL-061N#500 HPHCMOS compatible, high CMR, 10MBd optocoupler
AT-41470 HPUp to 6GHz low noise silicon bipolar transistor
LST2527-B-DN HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
5962-9685201HYC HPIntelligent power module and gate drive interface optocoupler
HMMC-2006 HPDC-6 GHz unterminated SPDT switch
HDMP-1526 HPFibre channel transceiver chip
LST2827-S4-T-FP HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
HLMP-DL17 HP5mm precision optical performance AlInGaP LED lamp
MSA-1000-GP4 HPCascadable silicon bipolar MMIC amplifier
HLMP-1421 HPT-1(3mm) high intensity LED lamp
LSA3821-AP HPAnalog coaxial pigtailed laser module
LST2927-T-ST HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
MSA-0635 HPCascadable silicon bipolar MMIC amplifier
HLMP-D115 HP5mm, 3mm, high performance, tinted, diffused, AlInGaP, and TS AlGaAs red LED lamp

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