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-DN PDT1442-DI-FP HCPL-2200/500 MGA-82563-TR1 HSDL-7001#100-100 LST2527-S4-T-SC HFBR-1402TB XMT5360B-155-FP HCPL-2212#500 LST2525-S4-B-ST HLMP-DG10 XMT5170A-622-AS HCNW4506#020 XMT5370B-622-SC HFBR-5204T MSA-0204 XMT5160B-622-FP HSMS-T400 HLMP-6400 HLMP-1520 HLMP-6855 HCPL-523K#1

HP dataark Catalog-9

Part NoProdusentApplikasjon
HLMP-DJ30 HP5mm precision optical performance AlInGaP LED lamp
LST3821-S4-DN HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
PDT1442-DI-FP HPPigtailed PIN photodiode
HCPL-2200/500 HPLow input current logic gate optocoupler
MGA-82563-TR1 HP0.1-6GHz 3V, 17dBm amplifier
HSDL-7001#100-100 HPIR 3,16 encode, decode IC
LST2527-S4-T-SC HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
HFBR-1402TB HPLow cost, miniature fiber optic component with ST, SMA, SC and FC ports
XMT5360B-155-FP HP155Mb/s logic interface laser transmitter for OC3,STM1
HCPL-2212#500 HPVery high CMR, wide V logic gate optocouplers
LST2525-S4-B-ST HPCoaxial pigtailed laser module
HLMP-DG10 HP5mm precision optical performance AlInGaP LED lamp
XMT5170A-622-AS HP622Mb/s logic interface DFB laser transmitter
HCNW4506#020 HPIntelligent power module and gate drive interface optocoupler
XMT5370B-622-SC HP622Mb/s logic interface laser transmitter
HFBR-5204T HPATM multimode fiber transceiver for SONET OC3,SDN STM1 in low cost 1x9 package style
MSA-0204 HPCascadable silicon bipolar MMIC amplifier
XMT5160B-622-FP HP622Mb/s logic interface laser transmitter
HSMS-T400 HPSurface mount LED indicator
HLMP-6400 HPSubminiature LED lamp
HLMP-1520 HPT-1(3mm) high intensity LED lamp
HLMP-6855 HPSubminiature LED lamp
HCPL-523K#100 HPHermetically sealed, low I, wide V, logic gate optocoupler
HLMP-K400 HPT-1(3mm) diffused LED lamp
HLMT-PH00 HPSubminiature high performance AllnGaP LED lamp
IVA-05208-STR HPSilicon bipolar MMIC 1.5GHz variable gain amplifier
HLMP-6620 HPSubminiature LED lamp
5082-2900 HPSchottky barrier diodes for general purpose applications, 10V
HDSP-6652TXV HPFour character 5mm hemetic 5x7 alphanumeric display for avionic applications, high efficiency red
HFBR-5527 HP125 megabaud fiber optic transceiver JIS F07 connection

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