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-03 P6291 L5766 C7883 L8413 E989-05 G8605-12 R5509-73 F2813-33 C5331-31 H7546B H7421-40 C6086-31 L2483 C659-70 C8225-01 C5964-0910 R4220 L6312 C4710 H6779-03 R1250 PLP10-068 L6604 C7884-01 G9129-24 P5968-100 K3413-08

Hamamatsu dataark Catalog-32

Part NoProdusentApplikasjon
H7710-14 HamamatsuInput voltage 11.5-15.5V; max input current7-25mA; compact side-on PMT photosensor module
C7319 HamamatsuInput voltage 5-15V; amplifier unit
P2038-03 Hamamatsu100V; PbSe photoconductive detector deflection capability up to 5um range (TE-cooled type)
P6291 Hamamatsu5V; 50mA; 80mW; photointerrupter photo IC output. For timing detection for copier, printer, etc ; rotary encoder ; tape end detection for VTR, tape recorder, etc.
L5766 HamamatsuForward current60mA; 5V; 90mW; infrared red LED. For displacement meters, optical switches, low-speed optical links (L5766)
C7883 HamamatsuSupply voltage +12.0V; high -speed driver circuit for NMOS linear image sensor.
L8413 Hamamatsu22W; 2.0V; high power CW laser diode with peltier-cooling
E989-05 HamamatsuMagnetic shield case
G8605-12 Hamamatsu0.2mW; 1.5A; spectral response range0.9-1.65um; InGaAs PIN photodiode thermoelectrically cooled NIR (near infrared) detector with low high-speed response. For optical power meter, water content analyzer, laser diode life test
R5509-73 HamamatsuSpectral responce300-1700nm; between anode and cathode1750Vdc; NIR photomultiplier tube with exclusive coolers
F2813-33 HamamatsuRectangular MCP and assembly series. For detection and imaging of electron, ions, VUV lights, X-rays and V-rays mass spectroscopy, energy spectroscopy and high-speed response CRTs
C5331-31 HamamatsuFrequency bandwidth 4k to 100M Hz; operates an APD with single 5V supply
H7546B HamamatsuSpectral response 300 to 650nm; 1000V; 23mA; multianode photomultiplier tube assemble 8mm x 8mm multianode, high speed response, low cross-talk 300mm square, bialkali photocathode, 12-stage, head-on type
H7421-40 HamamatsuInput voltage 4.5-5.5V; max input current50mA; photosensor module in metal package PMT with cooler
C6086-31 HamamatsuVideo system EIA; effective x-ray tube voltage range 10-100kVp; X-ray I.I. CCD camera
L2483 Hamamatsu200W; super-quiet mercury-xenon lamp deep UV light source for precision measurement
C659-70 HamamatsuInput voltage100V +-10V(50Hz/60Hz); outputV 3.4V; output current 12A; electronic cooler
C8225-01 HamamatsuSupply voltage 0.5-7V; pulse generator for NMOS linear image sensor driver circuit
C5964-0910 HamamatsuPixel size25(H) x 2500(V); number of pixels512; supply voltage -0.5 to +7V; NMOS multichannel detector head which incorporates a thermoelectrically-colled NMOS linear image sensor
R4220 HamamatsuSpectral responce185-710nm; between anode and cathode1250Vdc; 0.1mA; photomultiplier tube
L6312 Hamamatsu30W; L2D2 lamps deuterium lamp
C4710 HamamatsuInputV +15V; 95mA; high voltage power supply unit
H6779-03 HamamatsuInput voltage 11.5-15.5V; photosensor module in metal package PMT
R1250 HamamatsuStectral responce 300 to 650nm; 3000Vdc; anode current 0.2mA; hotomultiplier tube
PLP10-068 HamamatsuHigh-repetition up to 100MHz picosecond light pulser; wavelength range from 375 to 1,550nm
L6604 Hamamatsu60W; 300-1000V; xenon flash lamp
C7884-01 HamamatsuSupply voltage +-12/+-15V; driver circuit for NMOS linear image sensor
G9129-24 HamamatsuConnector type LC; supply voltage 20V; InGaAs PIN photodiode with preamp mini-DIL type, 1.3/1.55um, 156, 622 Mbps/1.25, 2.5Gbps
P5968-100 Hamamatsu0.5Vdc; 100mW; InSb photovoltaic detector high speed response, low-noise photovoltaic detector
K3413-08 Hamamatsu5/20V; 1.5A; 0.2mW; 2-color detector. Wide spectral response range from UV through IR. For spectrophotometers, laser monitors, flame monitors and radiation thermometers

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