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33 LS7212-S LS7539-S LS7362 LS7340-S RED50 LS71840-S LS7310-S LS7223 RED3000 LS7232 LS7166-S LS7232-S LS7266R1-TS LS7535-S LS7315 LS7183 LS7233-S LS7260-S LS7100 LS7339-S LS7211-S RED3600 LS7632-S LS7082 LS7213-S LS71844-S LS7314

LSI dataark Catalog-3

Part NoProdusentApplikasjon
LS7313-S LSIAC power controller
LS7060 LSI32bit/dual 16bit binary up counter with byte multiplexed three-state outputs
LS7233 LSITouch control lamp dimmer
LS7212-S LSIProgrammable digital delay timer
LS7539-S LSITouch conrol step dimmer light switch with automatic gain control (AGC)
LS7362 LSIBrushless DC motor commutator/controller
LS7340-S LSIAuto shut-off AC power switch with programmable timer
RED50 LSIAC line frequency divider
LS71840-S LSIQuadrature clock converter
LS7310-S LSIAC power controller
LS7223 LSIKeypad programmable digital lock
RED3000 LSIAC line frequency divider
LS7232 LSITouch control lamp dimmer
LS7166-S LSI24-bit quadrature counter
LS7232-S LSITouch control lamp dimmer
LS7266R1-TS LSI24-bit dual-axis quadrature counter
LS7535-S LSIDimmer light switch with up and down conrols
LS7315 LSIAC power controller
LS7183 LSIQuadrature clock converter
LS7233-S LSITouch control lamp dimmer
LS7260-S LSIBrushless DC motor commutator/controller
LS7100 LSIBCD to 7-segment latch/decoder/driver
LS7339-S LSIAuto shut-off AC power switch with programmable timer
LS7211-S LSIProgrammable digital delay timer
RED3600 LSIAC line frequency divider
LS7632-S LSITouch control halogen lamp dimmer
LS7082 LSIQuadrature clock converter
LS7213-S LSIProgrammable digital delay timer
LS71844-S LSIQuadrature clock converter
LS7314 LSIAC power controller

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