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ML4828CP ML4819CS ML65245CS ML4812IP ML4822CP ML2652CQ ML6423CS-1 ML4865CS-2 ML2008CQ ML6428CS-2 ML4425CS ML2020IP ML4761ES ML4833CS ML4895ES ML4667CQ ML4812CP ML6518CH ML4658CQ ML4871ES-5 ML4841CP ML65244CK ML4621CP ML4821CS ML4810CP ML2751DT ML2283CCP ML4822IP

Micro Linear dataark Catalog-14

Part NoProdusentApplikasjon
ML6694CQ Micro Linear100BASE-TX physical layer with 5-bit interface
ML6423CS-2 Micro LinearDual S-video low pass filter with phase and sinx/x equalization
ML4828CP Micro LinearBiCMOS phase modulation/soft switching controller
ML4819CS Micro LinearPower factor and PWM controller "combo"
ML65245CS Micro LinearHigh speed octal buffer transceivers
ML4812IP Micro LinearPower factor controller
ML4822CP Micro LinearZVS average current PFC controller
ML2652CQ Micro Linear10 base-T physical interface chip
ML6423CS-1 Micro LinearDual S-video low pass filter with phase and sinx/x equalization
ML4865CS-2 Micro LinearHigh voltage high current boost regulator
ML2008CQ Micro LinearMuP compatible logarithmic gain/attenuator
ML6428CS-2 Micro LinearS-video filter and 75omega line drivers with summed composite output
ML4425CS Micro LinearSensorless BLDC motor controller
ML2020IP Micro LinearTelephone line equalizer
ML4761ES Micro LinearAdjustable output low voltage boost regulator
ML4833CS Micro LinearElectronic dimming ballast controller
ML4895ES Micro LinearSynchronous buck controller
ML4667CQ Micro LinearLow power 10BASE-FL transceiver
ML4812CP Micro LinearPower factor controller
ML6518CH Micro Linear18 line hot insertable active SCSI terminator
ML4658CQ Micro Linear10base-T transceiver
ML4871ES-5 Micro LinearHigh current boost regulator
ML4841CP Micro LinearVariable feedforward PFC/PWM controller combo
ML65244CK Micro LinearHigh speed dual quad buffer/line drivers
ML4621CP Micro LinearData quantizer
ML4821CS Micro LinearPower factor controller
ML4810CP Micro LinearHigh frequency power supply controller
ML2751DT Micro LinearPower amplifier and LNA
ML2283CCP Micro Linearserial i/o 8 bit A/D converters
ML4822IP Micro LinearZVS average current PFC controller

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