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6112-01 R1705 F2813-22 P8079-01 R821 L7558 H5783-04 L8347-22 C7247 P930 C4900

Hamamatsu dataark Catalog-36

Part NoProdusentApplikasjon
H7260K-01 HamamatsuSpectral responce300-880nm; between anode and cathode800Vdc; linear array multianode PMT and assembly
C8060-01 HamamatsuSupply voltage 0.5-7V; InGaAs multichannel detector head. Desined for InGaAs linear image sensor
L6112-01 Hamamatsu70mA; 5V; 0.6A; high input red LED. For optical switches, etc
R1705 HamamatsuSpectral responce 300 to 650nm; 1800Vdc; anode current 0.02mA; photomultiplier tube
F2813-22 HamamatsuRectangular MCP and assembly series. For detection and imaging of electron, ions, VUV lights, X-rays and V-rays mass spectroscopy, energy spectroscopy and high-speed response CRTs
P8079-01 Hamamatsu0.5V; InAs photovoltaic detector high-speed, low noise photovoltaic IR detector
R821 HamamatsuSpectral responce160-320nm; between anode and cathode1250Vdc; 0.01mA; photomultiplier tube
L7558 HamamatsuForward current100mA; 5V; high-speed, high power infrared LED for spatial light transmission.
H5783-04 HamamatsuInput voltage 11.5-15.5V; photosensor module in metal package PMT
L8347-22 HamamatsuConnector typeFC ;2V; 0.1mW; laser diode pigtail type, 1.3um, 1.25, 2.5Gpbs. For optical fiber communications, fiber channel, gigabit ethernet, HDTV, SDH
C7247 HamamatsuInputV +-18V; DA-type socket assemblies
P930 HamamatsuSupply voltage150Vdc; 50mW; CdS photoconductive cell hermetically sealed for high reliability
C4900 HamamatsuInput current 14mA; output range 0-1250V; high voltage power supply unit

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